The use of ergonomic furniture in the workplace benefits employers and employees.

Ergonomic office furniture includes; standing desks, sit stand desks, desktop converters, cubicle conversions, ergonomic chairs, fatigue mats, mouse and wrist rest pads.

Benefits to employers:

Better productivity, Increased employee wellbeing, Fewer lost work days due to injury or illness, Reduced health insurance expenses, ADA compliance.

Benefits to employees:

Reduction of stiffness or pain, Better energy levels, Better cognitive focus, Improved circulation, Improved digestion, Reduced muscle strain, Better flexibility and mobility, Reduced repetitive stress injuries.

CSG Supplies’ specialty is cubicle conversion.  We retrofit fixed desks with electric, adjustable legs and a convenient height control panel.  We also install adjustable monitor stands on standing desks and sit stand desk converters.

 Ever Have a Pebble in Your Shoe?

 Now imagine if you left the pebble there.  With every step, the pain distracts you.  Either you must stop and remove the pebble or you will continue to be distracted by the pain.  Or worse, maybe the pebble injures your foot, and you must stop and get medical attention.

 Repetitive stress injuries associated with computer use are like that pebble in your shoe.  Those nagging aches in your shoulders and back or the headaches start out as annoyances. But when left untreated, they can distract you from your work, or can result in long term injuries, which require medical care and time away from work.  

Adjustable sit stand desks allow you to switch from sitting to standing throughout the day. As sitting all day can cause pain and other health risks, standing for long periods isn’t ideal either. It is best to alternate between sitting and standing throughout your day. One of the main things to consider is how easy it is to adjust the height of the desk. Height adjustment of sit to stand desks can be done manually, with hydraulics, or with an electric motor.

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