Stand 2 Learn

With the Stand2Learn™ Desks, students have the choice to stand while they work, improving their mental and physical health while performing any normal task. Stand up for your health! The Stand2Learn™ Desks fits virtually any classroom layout and has unique features not offered by traditional school desks.

School is no longer just “in”, it’s UP! The old days of dreading the long hours of sitting at a school desk are over. The Stand2Learn™ desk allows students of all ages to CHOOSE if they want to stand or sit throughout the school day. No more fidgeting or multiple restroom breaks just to be able to circulate the blood to your brain and legs. This not only benefits the student’s attention, learning and overall health but it also improves classroom dynamics. Teachers can continue to focus on the subject at hand, teaching, without constant interruption and distraction.

The benefits of standing throughout the day include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved blood flow resulting in better health and brain activity
  • The Stand2Learn™ desk features a generous activity surface with built in pencil groove, height adjustable legs to accommodate all ages and heights, a dual height steel footrest to provide the appropriate ergonomic positioning while seated or standing. Stand2Learn™ desks are made from premium, powder coated steel and features a resilient steel reinforced LDPE desktop, materials and construction designed to last a lifetime. Stand2Learn desks™ are available with a bookshelf and backpack holder. Assembling the Stand2Learn™ desk is so simple and can be done quickly.

    1. STUDENT-CENTRIC DESIGN -Gentle contours on the edges and rounded corners coupled with soft bends in the 14 ga. steel tubing ensure safety and comfort for all users.

    2. HARD POLYMERIC TOP -This solid single surface won’t scratch or dent over time. It includes a built-in pencil groove to complement the angled top that enhances reading and writing.

    3. DURABLE STOOL -The round top with waterfall edge and surface texture for grip are coupled with four tubular steel legs that provide easy adjustability over the full range of student sizes.

    4. DUAL LEVEL FOOTREST -The footrest is the key to standing comfort. Our patented design utilizes multiple depths and two heights to support the users feet while sitting and standing. The chrome plating ensures lasting durability and easy maintenance.

    5. EASILY ADJUSTABLE LEG HEIGHT -This desk will grow to meet any student or grade level requirement.

    Also includes: - Accessory slots - Large, scratch-resistant work surface - Rounded corners and gentle contours for comfort and appearance - Numbered and adjustable desk height settings - Durable metal base support system - Utilization of incline feature - Shelf for books, backpacks, etc. - Robust metal frame - Cup holders (2) - Accommodates all laptop and keyboard sizes - Powder-coated steel frame with steel rein- forced LDPE desktop

    Stand2Learn™ desks are made out of durable materials (steel & HDPE) designed to last a lifetime and are easy to assemble.


    • Desk Height Range: 26”-34”
    • Desk Top Dimensions: 20” Deep x 26” Wide
    • Footrest Height: 5” and 9”
    • Desk Model #S2LK04
    • Colors – Grey, Sugar Maple
    • Weight: XX lbs.
    • Certifications:
    • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty


    • Desk Height Range: 34” – 42”
    • Desk Top Dimensions: 22” Deep x 28” Wide
    • Footrest Height: 7” and 11” (adj. depth)
    • Desk Model #S2LK12
    • Colors – Grey, Sugar Maple
    • Weight: XX lbs.
    • Certifications:
    • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty