Why Adjustable Lighting?

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Adjustable seating is an obvious ergonomic solution, but how many offices offer adjustable lighting?  Proper lighting can be just as important.  A study cited in the Journal of the American Optometric Association showed that in the presence of very little visual degradation, such as glare on a monitor, employees show an efficiency decline of 4%-19% in accomplishing standard tasks.

An effective lighting system can lower energy costs..while also improving the work environment and increasing productivity.

"The average worker loses 62.5 hours of on the job time every year due to eyestrain."
-Lighting Magazine

Just a 4% improvement in efficiency of an employee earning $30,000 per year would be worth $1,200. Consider the costs for employees at much higher pay scales.

Adjustable Lighting

Improve productivity and save money.  Designed to put the light where you need it. Energy saving 13 watt bulbs and highly reflective film provide more light per energy dollar.



  • Energy saving 13 watt compact fluorescent task light
  • 50% brighter than other 13 watt task lights (as bright as our 18w task lights)
  • Simple, smart, and efficient
  • Available as a single arm, Magnet Mount, and Railite




    (Double arm with clamp shown)

  • Energy saving 18 watt compact flourescent task light
  • Parabolic louver for excellent glar control
  • Available as a single arm, double arm, and Railite




  • 35 watt halogen task light
  • Superior color rendition with very low heat
  • Great style with no transformer - plugs directly into outlet
  • Desk-top sliding dimmer option available
  • Available with a panel bracket, clamp, or table base

                Railite Mounting System

    Replace two or more conventional under cabinet task lights with one under cabinet Railite™, to create a more ergonomic work environment.

    Unique and efficient, JOLT's under cabinet Railite™ is the only product providing adjustability for under-cabinet environments. This versatile product allows you to adjust your task lighting to suit your work style. The Railite™ mounts under your binder bin or shelf using a version of our single articulated arm that slides silently along a rail and installation is a snap. The Railite™ mounting is currently available for the Huron & Jumbo models.

    Light Co Rail Animimation

  • Adjustable to where you need the Lighting
  • Adjustable to the intensity required
  • Eliminates reflected or direct glare

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