Ergonomic Keyboards

The keyboard is a crucial component of a properly designed computer workstation. One of the main emphases in designing ergonomic keyboards has been to try to improve user posture during keyboard use. To improve user posture, keyboards can be split so that each half better accommodates the natural posture of each arm. This is in contrast to straight keyboards, which require users to  modify their posture to fit the keyboard


Goldtouch Keyboard


The GoldTouch keyboard allows the computer user to adjust the split and angle of the keyboard to best suit each user. In a blind study by VSI Risk Management & Ergonomics, an ergonomics firm located in Newark, California, of 20 government employees who began using the Goldtouch keyboard instead of standard flat keyboards in their office setting, all users, with the exception of one, instinctively figured out how to position the Goldtouch board to fit their comfort level without instruction or explanation. Neutral hand postures were obtained with 19 of the 20 users without explanation of how to avoid awkward wrist postures (ulnar and radial deviation) with keying providing support for innate keyboard design.

Ergonomic Mice

One of the key factors that influences mouse comfort is contact pressure on the hand. Too much pressure on the hand is uncomfortable because it causes the mouse to press sharply into the palm. Proper contact pressure can be provided by a mouse that contacts a large portion of the hand and contacts it in an even,distributed manner.

Vertical Mouse


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This input device allows the hand to fully rest on the unit in a more natural "thumbs-up" or "handshake" position. You fingers wrap around the mouse handle where the right- and left-click buttons are conveniently placed. At the top of the handle is the scroll wheel, strategically placed for the thumb to fire at will. The whole design conforms to your hand, and you can move the mouse in any direction while keeping the wrist and fingers completely immobile, thus requiring no grip to move the cursor.



The RollerMousePRO offers a solution to the awkward stretch required for using a mouse. Contour's RollerMouse series is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for a mouse by offering a "rollerbar" and set of buttons below the keyboard to navigate and click with a cursor. This helps reduce muscular discomfort associated with repetitive use, and potentially increase productivity by letting you keep your typing position as you control your cursor.



The MouseBean attaches to your mouse and cushions the heel of your hand, elevating your wrist to a more neutral position. MouseBean works on any surface and comes in several color combinations