Wall Mounts

TabletDockSVHD SV Enclosure SV PatientRoom LX Wall MountLx Monitor Mount

Provides sit-to-stand vertical adjustment and articulation that maximizes patient-caregiver interaction. Support for Multiple Monitors, Large Displays, Tablets and available with locking CPU holder. Optional Locking Enclosure keeps data secure.

StyleView Vertical Lift

Styleview Vertical Lift

Perfect for space-constrained and high-traffic areas. The low profile vertical lift provides 9" (23 cm) of smooth vertical adjustment and folds into a slim, compact unit when not in useŚless than 4" (10.2 cm) from the wall. A unique cable management system conceals and organizes cords and makes cleaning a snap!

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StyleView HD

Styleview HD

This complete system provides easy re-positioning of your entire workstationŚmove your display, keyboard, mouse and barcode scanner in a single motion! The ample height-adjustment range lets you work sitting or standing. The arm also extends and retracts, so you can fold it back out of the way when not in use. A unique cable management system conceals cords, making cleaning easy.

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