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Bring information to the point of care

Ergotron products allow computer systems to be easily and ergonomically positioned for any user. The effect? Minimizing space requirements and maximizing efficiency. The next generation StyleView products are packed with the most sought after features on the market, making Ergotron uniquely qualified to bring EMR, eMAR, PACS and CPOE to the point of care.

  • Ease of motion – Quick adjustment; easily maneuver to the point of care
  • True ergonomic designs – Create a comfortable work environment for you
  • Space-saving technologies – Place equipment wherever it is needed
  • Tablet PC & MCA compatible – Hands-free positioning for pen-enabled computing

Promotional Units for Healthcare:

We’re confident caregivers will love working in an Ergotron-enhanced space! Try one yourself. Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities can qualify for complimentary units. Contact us for more information about program requirements and details.