Document Holders

Placing documents between the Monitor and keyboard, can help prevent both neck/upper back pain and eye strain

Neck and upper back pain - having to move your head and neck side to sidefrom document to computer screen can result in neck and back pain. Using in-line copyholders from Vu-Ryte helps maintain a neutral posture.

Eye strain - constantly changing your focus from a computer screen to a document lying on the desk can result in eye strain.

Document holders lessen these pains and strains by reducing the movement and re-focusing when working from a copy.

An added benefit of Vu-Ryte document holders> is that they can help you organize and clean up the mess on your desk!

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Features include elegant messaging system, desktop organization, ergonomic in-line document> support above and below desktop or horizontal to monitor. All features are adjustable.
  • 5"Wx7"H
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    Vu-Ryte 14DC14DC VurytePatented design is ideal in either horizontal position to the monitor or in-line between monitor and keyboard. Great with keyboard shelves, flat panel monitor, CRT monitors and monitor arms. Does not change monitor height. Lightweight and mobile. Adjustable in height and angle. Document/book stand includes clip and line guide your website.
    • 14"W X 11"H

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