"Armazing" Gel Padded Armrest Covers

Price includes set of 2 arm pads

ARMazing Memory Foam Arm Rest Pads are the solution to the problem of uncomfortable computer chair arms that cause pain, strain and discomfort during long periods of use. The viscoflex memory foam will contour to your elbows and forearms, providing total comfort and support while reducing pressure points. Armazing memory foam arm pads add instant cushioning and comfort to almost any chair in just minutes. The Armazing memory foam pads contour to your arm and elbows, easing pressure which can cause pain and injury. The Armazing helps maximize the benefits of proper ergonomics by increasing circulation in your arms.

Features and Benefits:

- Contours to your arms & elbows
- Increases circulation
- Snug fit gives built-in look to your chair
- Fits all chair arms from 6" to 11" long