Adjustable Workstations

Sitting for prolonged periods while performing repetitive tasks can be very damaging to productivity as well as your health. An adjustable workstation allows freedom of movement which is key to promotion of blood flow and circulation. This is also important for people with low back pain who cannot maintain the same posture for long periods of time. Studies have also shown that when employees use both a seated and standing position throughout the workday, their spinal compression is lessened. The results of a study done by Miami University indicated that intermittent standing decreased the number of workbreaks taken by 47% with the average break being 56% shorter.


 An adjustable workstation is especially beneficial when accompanied by a keyboard tray.

Balt Hi-Lo & Hi Hi-Lo Workstations

Pneumatic "finger-tip" control for easy height adjustment and optimum comfort. Hi-Lo adjusts in height from 24 3/4" to 32 1/2". Hi Hi-Lo adjusts in height from 31-1/4" to 39 1/4" for standing or sitting applications.

Workrite Electric Adjustable Tables

Electrically adjustable workcenters offer a comfortable height range from a low of 26" to a high of 43.75".

Workrite Table