Ever Have a Pebble in Your Shoe?


Now imagine if you left the pebble there. With every step, the pain distracts you. Either you must stop and remove the pebble or you will continue to be distracted by the pain. Or worse, maybe the pebble injures your foot, and you must stop and get medical attention.

Repetitive stress injuries associated with computer use are like that pebble in the shoe. Those nagging aches in your shoulders and back or the headaches start out as distractions. Left untreated, those aches and pains can distract you from your work, or can result in injuries, which require medical care and time away from work. (Typical treatment for Carpal Tunnel without surgery is $8,000. Workers' Compensation Claims for a serious back injury can be $85,000.00)

Watch the slideshow that accompanied our recent presentation at the City of Austin Safety Fair on the benefits of good ergonomics and the advantages of standing while you work!
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